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Dump Your Timeshare Now
A proven program just for you!

Not Using your Resort Property?

Can't Reserve the Dates you Want?

Tired of your Resort saying your Dates are Sold Out to Someone Else?

Sick of Paying Ever-increasing Maintenance Fees?
Cancel Your Resort membership for good. One-time fee only. NO HIDDEN FEES.
A Licensed Specialist who knows Real Estate will work on your file.
You will be Resort-Free Quickly & Forever.
There's No Obligation!


Get Out Now!

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Get rid of your timeshare resort headache by cancelling your membership. Our timeshare contract cancellation program has helped many resort owners get out of their properties.

You'll be out of your resort quickly and forever.* Once you become a client, we promptly start working on your behalf and demand immediate release from your resort membership/contract. It is then up to you to decide whether or not to pay any more future bills or fees from your resort.

We have no hidden fees. We act fast & reliably. We have knowledgeable & helpful customer service agents 5 days a week to answer your questions and send progress reports directly to you. We promise to retain a licensed specialist to handle your file and assist in all documentation necessary, to completely and permanently terminate your entire ownership of your resort(s).
* Some foreign and domestic properties may not be eligible for this program. Please contact us to see if this closing option is available for your particular property. Completion of ownership cancellation is dependent upon you, as the client, giving us all of your resort documents that we need for the cancellation.