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If you transmit, submit or post any information to DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, its call centers, or one of its registered affiliates, including, without limitation, personally identifiable information, you automatically grant DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, its registered affiliates and call centers the royalty-free, exclusive right and license to use, share, loan, rent, compile, format, adapt and/or to incorporate the same and use your personal information with our affiliated entities, partners or associates to bring you exclusive offers. We do not share personal, bank or credit card information with any outside sources for any reason.

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DumpYourTimeshareNow.com requires that you voluntarily register and provide personally identifiable information in order to participate in our giveaway, vacation recommendations and co-registration product/service offerings. By submitting your personally identifiable information via DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, you are authorizing DumpYourTimeshareNow.com and its registered affiliates to post such information on DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, or otherwise use, share, loan, rent, and/or disclose your personally identifiable information between DumpYourTimeshareNow.com and its affiliates. Affiliates or call centers who receive your personally identifiable information are selected by DumpYourTimeshareNow.com to bring you carefully selected deals, offers and features. By submitting your personally identifiable information via DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, you are also authorizing those affiliates to contact you directly. This contact may be by mail, e-mail, or by telephone. By entering any information form, or a DumpYourTimeshareNow.com giveaway form, you agree that either DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, their advertising affiliates and telemarketing call centers can call you even if you are on the Federal or State-level National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. Once your personally identifiable information is released to those affiliates DumpYourTimeshareNow.com is no longer responsible for its use and/or disclosure. The personally identifiable information that DumpYourTimeshareNow.com requests from you includes your name, postal address, email address(s), telephone number(s), demographic information and financial information. The information that you provide must be accurate, complete and current in order to enter our giveaway and participate in DumpYourTimeshareNow.com's offerings and features. DumpYourTimeshareNow.com will specifically ask you for any personally identifiable information requested, and your providing such information will always be on a voluntary basis.

Information Provided to You by DumpYourTimeshareNow.com
Should you desire to purchase goods and/or services, you acknowledge that DumpYourTimeshareNow.com has provided you with the total cost to purchase, receive, or use the offered goods or services; material restrictions or conditions relating to the goods or services; its prize promotion policy, to wit, that anyone can win a prize without buying anything or making any payment and its no - refund and cancellation policy.

DumpYourTimeshareNow.com Authorization Policy
Should you desire to purchase goods and/or services, you acknowledge that DumpYourTimeshareNow.com has provided you with oral authorization for payment that clearly demonstrates the you have received each of the following pieces of information: the number of debits, charges or payments, the date of the debits, charges, or payments, the amount of the debits charges or payments, the customer name, the customer billing address, a telephone number that is answered during normal business hours by someone who can answer your question and the date of your oral authorization.

DumpYourTimeshareNow.com Use of Your Personally Identifiable Information
DumpYourTimeshareNow.com uses your personally identifiable information within DumpYourTimeshareNow.com internal organization and shares, loans and/or rents your personally identifiable information to its affiliates. Potential uses of your personally identifiable data may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: (i) notification of awards of giveaway prizes; (ii) notification of future promotions and future emails, telephone calls and direct mailings regarding website updates, upcoming events, new products and services and online order statuses; DumpYourTimeshareNow.com and its affiliates who provide products and services relating to our survey question form such as payday loans, healthcare, and all other specific questions will be allowed to contact you by telephone, email, and U.S. mail even if you are national or state Do Not Call Registry List! (iii) notification of taxation and regulatory authorities regarding awards of giveaway prizes; (iv) checking qualifications for user registration; (v) editorial and feedback purposes; (vi) creation of profiles and inclusion in databases; and (vii) billing purposes. DumpYourTimeshareNow.com also reserves the right to share or disclose your personally identifiable information when it determines, in its sole discretion, that the disclosure of such personally identifiable information is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against you if you may be: (i) such disclosure is required by any applicable law, rule or regulation; (ii) violating any applicable law, rule or regulation; (iii) causing intentional or unintentional injury to another; or (iv) interfering with another's rights or property, including DumpYourTimeshareNow.com 's or its affiliates' rights or property.

Correcting, Updating or Changing Selections Regarding Your Personally Identifiable Information. Once you provide personally identifiable information to DumpYourTimeshareNow.com via DumpYourTimeshareNow.com, you must inform DumpYourTimeshareNow.com of any changes to, or updates of, any personally identifiable information that you provided. You may at any time request a copy of the personally identifiable information that you provided, elect to revoke ("opt-out") the information provided, update that information, or change any selections you have made with regard to DumpYourTimeshareNow.com 's use of that information. In order to access, update or change selections for use of personally identifiable information that you provided, please contact DumpYourTimeshareNow.com either at the postal address listed at the end of this Privacy Policy, or via email at support@DumpYourTimeshareNow.com . In order to opt-out of providing your personally identifiable information, please contact DumpYourTimeshareNow.com either at the postal address listed at the end of this Privacy Policy, or via email at remove@DumpYourTimeshareNow.com . DumpYourTimeshareNow.com will accordingly furnish you with a copy of your personally identifiable information, or change its records to remove, update or change selections regarding your personally identifiable information. If you opt-out of providing your personally identifiable information, DumpYourTimeshareNow.com and its affiliates will no longer use your personally identifiable information or share it with third parties. However, keep in mind that your opting-out of providing your personally identifiable information cancels your ability to enter our giveaway and utilize our offers and other features of DumpYourTimeshareNow.com.

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